Saturday, March 12, 2011

About me

Since this is my first post here, I thought I could start with a brief introduction.

The first thing I want to say is that I'm in love. I'm passionately in love with life. But I don't mean physical life. I don't quite love the things people typically love. I love watching the trees in the park. I love seeing the smile and hearing the joyous laughter of a child (especially my boy!). I love spending time with friends and really SHARING with them my inmost thoughts and feelings. I love letting my life be an open book that other people can read and find good things in it.

I love wearing my heart on my sleeve with the people I love (and I tend to love people maybe I shouldn't love so much, and that hurts because love tends to go unrequited with certain people). I love being married (even though it's a pain in the neck sometimes, LOL).

I love reflecting, really reflecting and meditating on things that happen. I love learning, all kinds of learning, but especially learning from experiences I've lived personally or seen in others. I love listening to people and finding nuggets of wisdom. Because even though there are people who I may say are totally wrong about their approach to life, even in those cases I can make an effort to examine all things and hold on to what is good.

I love truth. I try to be friendly and kind at all times, but there are times when you have to take a stand and say, You know, this is not acceptable to me!

I believe that being a true friend means telling the truth wisely, honestly, tactfully and in a timely manner. There is a time to talk and a time to refrain from talking. But nevertheless, there comes a time you have to hurt your friends if you really love them. I dislike doing that just like I dislike having to discipline my child. But I prefer a truth that hurts but ultimately saves rather than a sweet lie that ultimately kills.

Why do I love the things I love? Because I love Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life for my soul. I have found in Him a love that never dies. A love that is much deeper than anything I can conceive. A mercy I don't deserve but is provided anyway... in spite of all my many faults. Indeed, in spite of my sometimes willful disobedience. THAT LOVE is the source of all my love for life and for people. That loves gives me the strength to face life's rough places. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for that love. Literally. I would be dead in EVERY sense that a person can be dead.

Have you found that love? If not, maybe I can help you find it. If you have, we can rejoice together, and find more of it. There's always more!

More love. More freedom. More joy. More peace. Interested, anyone?

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